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The Bards of Ventadorn

My novel, in progress, almost done, just…a bit…more…

In 13th-Century Aquitaine, the young son of a viscount has skills—musical and magical. He also has serious romantic and family problems. He likes men. Really likes them, and he’s terrified. The Church likes burning witches, Jews, Moors, strong women, and queers. It’s a beautiful day for an auto da fé.

Music and Magic are powerful forces that occasionally travel together. While most of Europe—and Rome—are vilifying sorcery, young Bardic Mage Guilhem de Comborn and his best friends are going to the Bardic Collegium in Aquitaine to learn it. Aquitaine is a lot more tolerant of many things since the time of Aliénor.

       The Church in Rome, a child-stealing undead necromancer, and a bigoted feudal society are working against Guilhem and his friends. Bad things are happening. People are dying. When Guilhem’s youngest brother is spirited away from the Castel Fort de Ventadorn, the Bardic Council seems to be doing nothing. The young bardic mages take things into their own hands.

As of 5/9/2020, I have one short story published. “Freakin’ Fairy” is available online in the Penmen Review. It’s YA gay fiction. I like to write many different types of fiction and poetry.

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