Reaching out to fantasy readers, writers, and activists

MFA 606 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric

I write fantasy. Epic fantasy with vivid characters battling the bad guys with brains brawn, and magic. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to tell who the good guys are. Strong women are burned as witches. People are drawn and quartered for loving a person of the same gender. The Primate tells sovereign states what to do, and the rules–and rulers–are mostly steeped in Stupid. Maybe it’s in the water. Religious fanatics and xenophobic governments don’t really mind genocide as long it’s the people with the other genes.

So, it’s not that much different than 2022 in the real world. There are people fighting against it, but the outcome is uncertain at best.

Still, I choose to live and write with hope. Let’s plant a few more flowers, sing some more songs, and try to love each other.

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